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Singer/songwriter Anthony Bautovich (The Orange Humble Band, The Lonelyhearts) has recently been recording new songs for his second album with pop outfit The Forresters.  Produced by ARIA award winning engineer and producer Wayne Connolly (You Am I and Boy & Bear) and recorded at Albert Studio in Sydney, these 14 tracks feature performances by a stellar line-up of Australian musicians including Nick Kennedy (Knievel) on drums, Steve Balbi (Noiseworks) bass, Matt Galvin (Perry Keyes, The Orange Humble Band) guitars, Cameron Bruce (Paul Kelly) piano and organ, Jess Ciampa (Bernie Hayes, Dog Trumpet) percussion, Charlie Owen (Dark Horses, Beasts of Bourbon) dobro & guitar, Jason Walker (Loene Carmen, William Crighton) on pedal steel, Peter Kelly (The Gadflys, The Orange Humble Band) on trumpet, Ross Middleton (Percy Sledge) on saxophone, Amanda Brown (The Go-Betweens) on violin and mandolin and Nashville based singer Emma Swift on vocals. An EP release is scheduled for June. You can check out all the latest on The Forresters at our new website -  The Forresters first album 'Skindeep', has received it's fair share of attention, here's what some reviewers are saying about the record...

 ...It's a luscious mixture of pop, rock, r'n'b, and country, tantalising and exploratory. It never rests on it's laurels: the songs develop and change as they progress, new elements continually introduced, new echoes from rock's rich tapestry setting off gentle footfalls down the passageways of memory. Bautovich's voice is strong, expressive and rides the genres effortlessly..." Bucketfull of Brains 

'....this Aussie ensemble's rousing debut is a timeless collection of British Invasion-inspired guitar driven pop strong enough to jolt Brian Wilson out of bed....." Amplifier Magazine

'.... bright harmonies, guitars that really should be pouring out of open car windows, joy in a Teenage Fanclub / Jayhawks vein...." - Americana UK

'...all the 'oohs and 'aahs' you'd come to expect from guitar pop down under. Highly recommended..."
Kevin Mathews - Power Of Pop

'....the album opens with "Are You Ready", as clear and pure a piece of power pop as you could wish for...."
- i94bar

'.....'Skindeep' is a collection of lovingly crafted songs, with both a youthful vibrancy to the pop, and a maturity that comes from having collaborated with some of the masters of the genre, and together with the delicate excursions into the alt. country scene, this is a good example of a perfectly weaved tapestry of sympathetic roots driven pop that only an eclectic ensemble of musicians such as this could have made....."
Feature Album - Musikworkz (UK)

'..'Are You Ready' is a strong contender for song of the year.." Ctrl.Alt.Country (Belgium)

'....sweet harmonies, interesting guitar layers and great hooks abound on this wonderful CD...... a truly great debut release ....." Bonemachine

'...The finished album is a really infectious collection of well-crafted rootsy pop with the sort of tight layers of vocal harmonies you can only imagine The Beach Boys equalling and a mix of styles, from jangly West Coast to country to rock, that somehow seem to gel together remarkably well....throughout the record Bautovich demonstrates that he is a extremely fine writer of well conceived narrative tales and personal stories as well as having a real ear for musical arrangements and production..."
Keith Clark - Maverick (UK)

'...a real grower that has become a permanent fixture in the frequently malfunctioning CD player of my '93 Saturn. More Matthew Sweet than Teenage Fanclub, the group's softer side is just as compelling as their rockers. Power pop fans have no excuse for ignoring them!" - Firesideometer (USA)

' all gels together so sweetly, and the songs feel and sound so genuinely heartfelt that it's hard to fault the record. With such a range of sounds – from power pop, to acoustic odes, to country rockers, and all points in between – the Forresters have delivered a debut album with a great deal of depth to it....."
Andrew Weaver - Electric Newspaper.

'....these are emotionally honest songs, powered along by sublime musical perfomances and intricate harmonies.....'Skindeep' is a fabulous album, dripping in classic influences, but always looking forward in an attempt to search out new need to own this!...." Album of the Week - Zeitgeist (UK)

'...This is an impressive debut, and one where there isn't a foot put out of step. The material mixes up some classic pop/rock influences, and comes across with the sort of aplomb that is rare in a debut set..." Altcountrytab (UK)

'....'Are You Ready' is the perfect opening track for any great power pop record with its rich layered harmonies and McGuinn styled guitar jangle making it sound like a lost Teenage Fanclub track..." - Oz Music Project

"'s a cool-sounding album, and will surely find a home with the audience that is so enamoured of Vigilantes of Love and Golden Smog. SKINDEEP is a well balanced mix of uptempo rock workouts and gentle story ballads that should please both followers of Bautovich and those who just like sound music. Nice one."
Jeremy Issacs - Maverick (UK)

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If you're looking for the Forresters Hotel in Surry Hills head on over here.