Tom Thumb Records has made the songs 'Tremblin' & 'Are You Ready' available for download as high quality MP3s.

Feel free to burn these songs to a CD to keep as a part of your collection. There is also a high resolution JPG of the the single cover to download and printout, (this file is 1 meg and is Winzipped for quicker download).

Please choose the version that best suits your internet connection and your patience!

To download these songs, right click on the link and then choose 'Save target as', or just click on it and it will play within your default media player.

Tremblin' (9.36 MB- Best quality, at 256kbps)
(4.68 MB- CD quality, at 128kbps)
Tremblin' (2.34 MB - FM Radio quality, at 64kbps)

Are You Ready (3.18 MB- CD quality, at 128kbps)
Are You Ready (1.52 MB - FM Radio quality, at 64kbps) of the great tracks on the album is the gorgeous Tremblin' which you know will start appearing in other singers' repertoires before too long...." Keith Clark - Maverick Country (UK)

'...'Tremblin' is a finely crafted song straight out of the Flying Burritos songbook..." Zeitgeist (UK)

'... 'Tremblin'" features French horn motifs and a neo-psychedelic bridge that resurrects the daring cross-genre experimentation of the late 1960's early '70s studio-rock legends...." Amplifier Magazine (USA)

'....The twang element comes to the fore with the tenderness of 'Tremblin'". Here the voice of Bronwyn Mulcahy counterpoints, and the late appearance of horns and strings in what has previously seemed rootsy is a fine example of this record's unceasing novelty..." Bucketfull of Brains (UK)

'...before the decidedly country "Tremblin'" comes along to show us what country is really all about..."
i94bar (Australia)

'...'Tremblin", one of the album's best songs, is also one of it's calmest - lush, rolling guitar and trumpet are used to create a pretty, slow song that's tough not to like...." Indieville (Canada)

'....the real gem here, though, is the slow, dobro and organ-decorated love song Tremblin', a catalogue of tender, intimate reflections lifted by beautiful vocal harmonies from Bronwyn Mulcahy..."
Jeremy Issacs - Maverick (UK)

'....'Skindeep' opens up, no - detonates into your consciousness, with the wonderfully light and refreshing pop textures of "Are You Ready", the rhythm section pounding away for all their worth, while we are introduced to the radio perfect vocals of Bautovich..." Altcountrytab (UK)

'.... bright harmonies, guitars that really should be pouring out of open car windows, joy in a Teenage Fanclub / Jayhawks vein...." Americana UK

'....the album opens with "Are You Ready", as clear and pure a piece of power pop as you could wish for...." i94bar

'...'Are You Ready' is a strong contender for song of the year..." Ctrl.Alt.Country (Belgium)

'....'Are You Ready' is the perfect opening track for any great power pop record with its rich layered harmonies and McGuinn styled guitar jangle making it sound like a lost Teenage Fanclub track..." Oz Music Project